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More and more construction sites, field operations or temporary warehouses choose to use engineering plank houses. However, there are many manufacturers of Engineering Plank houses in the market, and there are differences in products, services and prices. To buy good products and services, it is very important to choose a reliable manufacturer. The following describes the four major points that should be paid attention to when selecting Engineering Plank house manufacturers.
Look at strength
Excellent strength is an important guarantee for product quality and service level. The strength of Jinan Engineering Plank house manufacturers can be judged by production scale, strength and team.
Look at the product
It includes the product type, model, material and production process, etc. you can directly go to the manufacturer for on-site investigation.
Look at the service
A perfect service system can provide protection for the legitimate rights and interests of users. Therefore, after understanding the product strength of manufacturers, we need to focus on their services. For example, whether the design scheme can be provided in the early stage, whether the installation and operation can be provided in the medium term, and whether there is a perfect after-sales mechanism in the later stage.
Look at the price
The price of the project plank house will be affected by the square number, freight, configuration, installation and other factors. There are certain differences in different regions. You can directly consult the manufacturer you choose for the specific price.
In addition, it is necessary to know the characteristics of a good engineering plank house, such as:
The panel house of the project has a beautiful appearance, with bright color, soft texture and flat panel surface of the internal and external walls and roof. It is very harmonious with the steel framework of the house and has a good decorative effect. The interior of the house is also highly decorative.
The project board room is made of energy-saving and environment-friendly materials, which have the characteristics of fire prevention, heat preservation, heat insulation and good air permeability. The indoor is warm in winter and cool in summer. The space layout is humanized. There are bedrooms, toilets, offices, meeting rooms, etc., and it can also be equipped with liquefied gas, water supply, power supply, air conditioning, water heater and other facilities. People live in it very comfortable.
The main load-bearing structure of the project plank house adopts the multi ribbed plate wall structure composed of light steel structure keel and structural plate, which has good integrity, light structural weight and strong stability, and can resist the bad weather such as earthquake and typhoon, with high safety performance.
The Engineering Plank house does not need to be equipped with expensive furniture and luxurious decoration. The construction cost is much lower than other houses, and the construction cycle is shorter, and the material price is also lower. In addition, the roof of the Engineering Plank house adopts structural waterproof design, and no additional waterproof treatment is required. In general, it is more economical and cost-effective.
The construction of the project board house is convenient and fast, and the construction period is short. Youjil will send professional technicians to the site for disassembly and operation, so that customers can quickly live in the new house without worrying about anything. Hillside, hill, grassland, desert, riverside and other terrain can be applied.
The construction of the plank house of Jinan project will not pollute the surrounding environment, because most of its structural components are produced in advance in the factory and can be installed at the construction site, so it will hardly produce any construction waste or dust noise.
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